Welcome to Alembeeks Group. In case you don’t know us, we are an independent group of corporate governance advisors and reporting consultants, who like leveraging our work using IT solutions.

We improve communication and engagement between institutional investors, quoted companies and the final investors and stakeholders.


Alembeeks’ services cover the “governance traceability” concept transversely.


Alembeeks VotingLab

It is the division within Alembeeks Group dedicated to ensure a proper treatment of the voting rights by financial institutions. Voting at company meetings is a key right of investors, whose effective discharge may also be a fiduciary responsibility. We provide institutional investors the administration the proper information and tools to deal with their internal processes towards compliance and transparency. “Active Ownership services for institutional investors”.


Alembeeks ValueReporting

We have developed expertise in helping companies to generate value by improving their reporting processes. Companies with higher transparency standards are more appealing to investors and other stakeholders. In the process of reporting nonfinancial measures, we help companies to improve their organization.


Alembeeks Natives

Our origins go back to the financial sector where, as practical innovators, we have helped institutional investors to turn their traditional business processes into mobility tools, data managed and other automation technologies towards greater efficiency and value. “We are fund industry Natives and we know I.T.”.


Alembeeks Group develops innovative I.T. solutions covering the new compliance and corporate governance challenges.

  • Our Alembeeks Directors platform keeps proof of the historical supervision activities carried out by Board Members, Conducting Officers and Fund Directors. The platform enables organizations to control all the matters related to their mutual funds by using a panel of control and a communication platform.
  • Our VotingCloud management platform ensures a proper treatment of the voting rights exercise allowing transparency, design of customized authorisation flows and traceability of all shareholders meetings attended.
  • Alembeeks Group provides also BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and consulting services for specific activities, adding expertise and allowing clients to improve their efficiency.


Why Alembeeks?


Regulatory demands and social pressure push players towards dialogue. There is an empty space between Institutional Investors and the quoted companies they invest in. There is also a gap between Institutional Investors and their final investors.

Alembeeks fosters dialogue to fulfil these gaps using our independent research and technology solutions.

We work to improve the shareholder engagement that grant institutional investors and quoted companies long term performance in their fields. And by doing this, final investors benefit from a safer and long lasting investment environment.

We are providers and we know our activity is only a little part within our clients’ activity. However, we work like partners with them, so this little part helps them to become excellent in their field, converting their problems into competitive strengths.



In Barcelona? In Luxembourg?


Most people ask us, why in Barcelona? Because we like the Mediterranean weather, the sea, the mountains and the food. But if you are still posing this question, it is because you have never lived in here.

And Luxembourg? Because Luxembourg is largest investment fund centre in Europe, where most of Institutional Investors have a foot to distribute their funds globally.

In any case, if you have further questions, please contact us at info@alembeeks.com. We will be more than pleased to answer you.